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Centers of Progress: Florence (Art)

Centers of Progress: Florence (Art)


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Historical Significance Of Florence, Italy

Known as the ‘Jewel Of Italian Renaissance’, the city of Florence has countless groundbreaking developments, seeing advances in politics, finance, business, engineering, philosophy, science, architecture, and artistic creativity. The 15th century CE, the golden age of Florence saw many historic a...

Now a fashion city, Florence was initially well-known for woollen cloth, creating a central marketplace for the best-quality wool, cleaned to perfection.

The success of the fabric business made the Florentines rich, leading to new financial breakthroughs and innovations, like bank loan fac...

Innovative banking practices like bills of exchange (to facilitate-out-of-city payments) and double-entry bookkeeping, along with the flourishing cloth industry made Florence the wealthiest city in Europe.

The city, flush with wealth, started to focus on art, humanism, creation, enjoyment ...

Literature And Art In Florence

Some of the most influential educational treatises like ‘On the Manners Of A Gentleman And Liberal Studies’ was written in Florence in the 15th century. Many other literary masterpieces like ‘The Human Comedy’ (by Giovanni Boccaccio) or ‘The Divine Comedy’ by the greatest poet of the city, Dante ...

In 1348, the bubonic plague swept through Italy, and killed almost half of the city’s population, creating widespread loss and disruption.

Yet the city bounced back and entered its golden age in the next century. Many wealthy families understood art and supported Renaissance artists durin...

Around the 15th Century, Florence was fortunate to have:

  1. Polymath Leonardo Da Vinci, the quintessential Renaissance Man.
  2. The artists Raphael and Michelangelo.
  3. The sculptor Donatello.
  4. The wr...

The advanced methods used by creators and artists of Florence(like the four canonical techniques of drawing to produce depth and 3D effects) gave birth to the following masterpieces:

  • Birth of Venus, Primavera and Venus and Mars by Botticelli.
  • C...

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