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Different Kinds of Decline

Different Kinds of Decline


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Different Kinds of Decline

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Decline Explained

Currently, we observe decline all around us, whether it's the stock market, travel, or jobs.

There are three different Types Of Decline: Narrative, Physical and Technical/Legal.

Narrative Decline is when the capabilities remain the same but a narrative shift happens in the things we believe in and subscribe to. Narrative shifts determine whether we neglect, utilize or leverage our assets. Example: The stock market.


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.. is when there is a loss of machinery, infrastructure and people, be it from war, or natural disasters.

The rebuilding of physical decline can also provide a powerful economic boost. This can also lead to inflation, as the capacity to make goods has been destroyed.
Losing people due to war or a calamity is the hardest to recover from.


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..is a type of decline in which due to a personal narrative, circumstance or condition, the work terminates, and one's identity is no longer able to survive.

If a business suffers bankruptcy, or if a person has defaulted or is arrested, a certain 'absorbing barrier' is reached, and all potential of any future activity is shut down.


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