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How to Break Through Any Learning Plateau

How to Break Through Any Learning Plateau

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The Inevitable Stage In Growth: Plateau

The Inevitable Stage In Growth: Plateau

A common motivation dip is the performance plateau, when the quick and easy gains are over and done with, and slowly the momentum to keep your motivation diminishes. This feels like you have reached some sort of limit, and most people take it as a cue to settle down, and consequently stop improving.

Going beyond the plateau of contentment is crucial to hitting big goals.


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Three Techniques To Break The Plateau

  1. Lean Into The Challenge: We normally avoid discomfort and like to get settled into our zone, avoiding challenges as we think we may fail and ruin our carefully cultivated reputation. One needs to identify any challenge that is being avoided and take it head-on.
  2. Push The Limits: We need to challenge our brain and/or the body in new ways, just like bodybuilders do, by changing the type, style or frequency of the ‘training program’ of challenges.
  3. Tactical Improvement: Find out what is the main weakness holding you back and focus your energy and time on it. It requires discipline and works to build up your confidence, as you complete your MIT (most important task).


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The Starting Strength Program

A popular training program among newbies at the gym is the ‘starting strength’, where the routine and techniques change every few days or weeks, in order to avoid plateaus and maximize strength gains.

It helps to switch and mix up the exercise and uses the theory of constraints to avoid any particular muscle group becoming a bottleneck.


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A Checklist To Break Through Your Plateau

  1. Identify a challenge that is being avoided and focus your energy on it.
  2. Mix up all the methods and the systems and habits to stress every part of the skill.
  3. Attempt new challenges to find out the main weakness.
  4. Develop deliberate practice procedures to improve the weak part.
  5. Repeat when the next plateau happens.


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Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

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