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The Myth of Sisyphus And Other Essays

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by Albert Camus

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An obsolete originality Part-1

"Art is amazing isn't it? It doesn't just appeal to your senses but your soul too." In a cold winter night an art gallery has organised small exhibition of varied artist to be specific painter. There were beautiful paintings engrossed and painted both on plain paper and canvas. It touches many subjects i.e. mother holding a baby, nature reaviling it's beauty, some abstract ideas, demigods, heroic act of fighters, some women centric figure and many more.


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An obsolete originality Part-2

A lady in her thirties without giving much thought stopped at one of the painting, which perhaps yet not finished and due to dim light no one has noticed either.

The painting was bit odd from others. It has half face, covered in beauty with sorrow, sad eyes with ambition, lips had smile but eyes had tears, it reflect fulfilled life with unfulfilled drems and yet it was confident figure, though half part was not revealed.

A man was looking at the act, approaches the lady and asked, "Madam, it is not worth your time perhaps, it seems incomplete."


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An obsolete originality Part-3

Lady with skirmish eyes look at him and said what do you mean by incomplete?


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An Obsolete originality Part-4

The man in his defence said, the artist has no specific message to reveal, it seems that he try to embrace one reality and didn't give much meaning to it and started working for another and he failed at that too, its origin is missing.

The lady grasp the meaning behind his thoughts and asked, why is that only the thing which reveal its beauty and ambition and idea and meaning seems complete? Why can't we just accept the narrative and story behind it? Why is that we want every idea to have origin? Why is that we succumb to reach to the conclusion?


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An obsolete originality Part-5

The man has so many questions infront of him just like painter has so many faces in half painted face. He said Madam it is perhaps we want to generalize things to give meaning to it and simplify it for others to understand, it is general narrative that we want thing to be absolute and not obsolete.

Lady quite disagreably said, "so you mean when we don't understand thing from our perspective and when we can't generalize or compare it with standards it seems obsolete and unworthy of our praise?


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An obsolete originality Part-6

The man afiirmitively valued her thoughts and joined her, Madam, sameway we think that person or thing with some traits should only consider worthy that can qualify for the general relativity.

Lady at her best said, our ideas, knowledge, information and comparison analogy has restricted our belief to accept thing and people in certain manner only, in reality every being is perfect in its own way.


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An Obsolete originality-Conclusion

We must accept that originality and completeness is no longer the requirement of ours, the true nature is to accept the thing the way they are, understand the perspective behind it, try to let go of your old beliefs, embrace the incompleteness as fullness.

The man perhaps understand that the painting with dim light has the most light, there was presence of absence till then and now there is completeness.



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