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1. Handle The Winters

1. Handle The Winters

You will have Winters : Economic Winters, Emotional winters, Social winters, etc.

Winter comes after Fall, Night comes after day, difficulty after opportunity. This stuff won’t change; it happens with regularity.

Although You can’t avoid the winters —and you can’t change the seasons; you can adopt skills and strategies to handle them more effectively.

The seasons won’t change, The Winters won’t change— but YOU CAN change.


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2. Always Take Advantage Of The Springs

2. Always Take Advantage Of The Springs

 The good news is that Spring always come after winter, Days always comes after nights, and opportunity always comes after difficulty. 

 Because we all only get a handful of Springs in life, you must take advantage when opportunity arises. You can’t reap in the Fall what you don’t plant in the Spring.

When you see opportunity —Take action , Plant the seeds and begin the disciplines Immediately!


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3. Protect Your Crops All Summer

Once the seeds have been planted in the spring, you must prevent the pests, bugs, and other intruders from harming your plants and growth.

Jim Rohn says, “Every garden will be invaded and All values must be defended.

After you begin planting, Focus on maintaining your disciplines and consistency. Focus all summer on protecting your growth.


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4. Learn To Reap In The Fall Without Complaint

After the Summer, always comes Fall— *Harvest Time*

During this time, you reap what you’ve sown.

Self- Responsibility means to Reap without apology when you do well, and without complaint when you don’t.

Jim Rohn call this the ultimate form of maturity: Taking full responsibility for everything that happens to you.


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Summary / Key Points

Summary / Key Points

Simply remember: Life is like the seasons. You can’t change the Seasons, but you can change yourself.

*Plant the seeds and begin now!*

  1. Learn to Handle the Winters ❄️
  2. Always take Advantage of Spring 🌱
  3. Protect your plants all Summer🌞
  4. Reap what you sow In the Fall 🍁


252 reads

The 4 Timeless Truths about the Seasons of Life.

The 4 Timeless Truths about the Seasons of Life.

The Legend Jim Rohn uses nature to serve as a reminder of the seasons we all go through, in both life and business.

These 4 memorable Truths, teach you how to navigate the seasons.


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You can’t change the Seasons, But you can change yourself.



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