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How to Die


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How to Die

by Seneca

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I. Prepare yourself

"Nothing can be of such great benefit to you, in your quest for moderation in all things, that to frequently contemplate the brevity of one's life span, and its uncertainty. Whatever you undertake, cast your eyes on death."

Accepting that death is an inevitable part of the process and preparing for the end of life (and that it could happen any time) is key. 


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II. Have no fear

"Life is granted with death as its limitation; it's the universal endpoint. To fear it is madness, since fear is for things we're unsure of; certainties are merely awaited."

When we fear or worry about something, we are living through it twice. So, why fear something that's inevitable?


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III. Have no regrets

"There's only one way we can say that the life we live is long: if it's enough."

"I look upon (my life) as though it could be my last."

Don't delay the things you want to do when you retire or when you think you will have the time to do it. Live immediately.


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IV. Set yourself free

"Death is as near as it can be...The thing we call dying, the moment when the soul leaves the body, is too quick for the speed of its exit to be felt. You fear for so long that which takes only a short time!"

Just being aware of how quick death is can help break the shackles of our fear. 


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V. Become a part of the whole

"There is nothing that does not grow old...Whatever is, will no longer be; it won't die, but will be undone."

"It is a great comfort that the earth too is mortal."


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