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Ayaz Ahmed on Sep 12

Ayaz Ahmed on Sep 12


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Ayaz Ahmed on Sep 12

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The Prison We Create

Often times we feel a glass dome has been placed atop our lives. And every time we want to grow, we bump into a boundary that restricts our momentum. We try but each time fail to escape this prison. Eventually, we feel subdued and surrender to the supremacy of the dome.

Not long after we submit, turbulence starts to kick up outside the dome. As the days go by it gets bigger and denser. Until one day it turns into a dark and ominous storm that envelops the entire world outside, endlessly swirling in a great mass, a constant chaos awaiting to crash onto our life.


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Seeing that the dome is the only protection that stands between us and the storm, we suddenly come to appreciate its existence. What was once an encumbrance to growth now becomes a guardian of our life.

We grow to feel secure within its bounds. Every time we get an urge to expand we invariably first glance at the sky and when we see the churning storm outside we are convinced to not venture out into the dark unknown, and that our decision to abandon growth and expansion is sane.

Thus that becomes our way of life and we forever remain tamed within the dome. Never able to expand or grow.


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But if we muster enough courage to head straight to the barrier - without looking at the sky at all to avert being manipulated - and step across we find there is no boundary, no wall, nothing holding us back. And we can walk through with ease.

More than that we discover there is no storm, to scare us off. Everything is clear and lucid. The world outside seamlessly connects with our life, ready to be explored and grow into.


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The dome is merely a projection screen wrapping our entire existence, blasting scary images to create a warped reality. The more we look at it and cower the scarier the image becomes. The deceptive world it erects around us keeps us convinced that staying in is safe, and venturing out uncertain. We fall victim to our own fears and the imagery it crafts.

But the moment we stop groveling to our fears and limitations and step through is the moment we conquer them and as we do the projection screen and the distorted reality they had constructed around our life also disappears.


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