Everybody feels good when their ego receives a confidence boost. 

The real problem appears when you stop feeling good about yourself if the confidence boost is not received. 

Another issue is that, in order to receive the boost, your ego needs an enemy - a situation or a problem to feel bigger or better than. This stops you from enjoying your life and accepting things as they are.

Apart from being conditioned by the need for recurrent boosts, it often happens that this enemy is someone that you might need in the future, but cannot count on him anymore because you already chose the ego.



Why your ego draws you back

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Let me share an example:

You just changed your job and are part of a new team. After a few days, you do something that looks like a good approach based on your previous experience, but an older colleague reproaches you for being wrong. How would you respond?

If you have a big ego, it would be hard not to respond back, because a big ego is already used to constant bumps of confidence and this seems like the perfect situation to take one, right? 

Let's examine the consequences now. How do you think you are going to be favored on the long therm? I have the answer: by not favoring the ego!



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