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Things to Keep In Mind During Early Career Journey

Things to Keep In Mind During Early Career Journey


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Things to Keep In Mind During Early Career Journey

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Focus On Ourselves and Our Passion

Don't dive into something just because other people say it's cool, or because the seniors say it's a great career opportunity. Try to really understand ourselves, what we truly want, and what we want to contribute to the society. That way, we won't end up on a career path we don't enjoy.


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Don't get into a company just because of the good money, or because it would make us look cool. Focus more on the valuable experiences and the people we work with—those people are our potential networks.


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Don't sacrifice our values or the things we love just for the sake of a career that looks fancy. That thing won't sustain for long and we're gonna end up feeling uncomfortable. Find a workplace that actually matches our values and the things we'd fight for.


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Speed doesn't matter, sustainability does. What we're gonna choose during our early career will affect the rest of our career life. So take some times and choose wisely. We don't have to hurry ourselves into it. Make sure when we finally choose it, it's going to be something we'll be able to really enjoy.


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At some points during any career journey we're going to face rejection. Don't let that define us and makes us lose faith on ourselves.

There are many reasons why some company don't pick us, and it's not always a matter of our capabilities. Sometimes it's just because of the chemistry between us and them. So when that happen, don't lose hope. Keep going, keep getting better, and eventually we'll find a place that really matches us.


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