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Maitri Abnave on Sep 26

Maitri Abnave on Sep 26


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Maitri Abnave on Sep 26

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What Is Ikigai ?

Ikigai is the Japanese concept that means you're reason for being . 'Iki ' means life and 'gai ' means values or worth . In simple words your ikigai is your life purpose.


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Fundamentals Of Ikigai  :

There are four components of ikigai,

  • Passion
  • Vocation
  • Profession
  • Mission


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Ikigai is found at the intersection of what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for. These overlapping circles lead to your passion, profession, mission, and vocation.


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Finding Your Ikigai  :

By answering to these quesanaries you will be able to find your ikigai.

  1. Do what you love: what did you enjoy doing as a child ?
  2. Do what you are good at: do you know your strengths and skills ?
  3. Do something the world needs : what and who inspires you?
  4. Do something that you are good at: what can you get paid for ?


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