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Being Proactive Is Really Important

Being Proactive Is Really Important

Everyone makes plan. Everyone wants to move ahead in life but there is a very small percentage of people that do so. Its not that the successful one have more oppetunuties. They just actively choose to do what they plan with focus.


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Only Motivation Is Not Enough

Motivation is good but not the only driving force. You can be highly motivated and still do nothing, lying on bed watching same social media apps. Also you cant always be in motivated state. So another thing is needed to be combined with motivation that is discipline. A less motivated but desciplined person is much better than highly motivated but undesciplined one.


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Learn To Move On

Never ever stick to one idea, thought or perpective. Evolve as things present themaelves. Sticking yo wrong idea or thought can take away decades of your life from you. If something doesnt work just simply move and try to genrate a new idea, evaluate and even if it doesnt work, move on again.


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Hapiness Is The Mental State

For most people hapiness comes from external sources. If something unlikely happens they will begin to suffer in their brain while the event had already passed hours or days or even months ago. There is absolutely nothing that you cam change about what happen but you can plan the coming towards you in future. But not to let go of past will make sure that future will be same too. Just by letting go of things hapiness will automatically flow towarsa you.


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