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The Sh*t They Never Taught You Summary

About The Sh*t They Never Taught You Book

Have you ever stumbled upon a piece of life-changing knowledge that made you think: why the hell didn't someone tell me this sooner?!

Millions of people have listened to Adam and Adam on the What You Will Learn podcast, where they have spent tens of thousands of hours studying the best ideas from the greatest minds on the planet. Their most frequently asked question: what is the best lesson you've come across? While you'd think a simple question would have a simple answer, it didn't - until now!

The Shit They Never Taught You will take you on a journey through takeaways from over a hundred of the world's greatest thinkers capturing lessons in personal development, career, business, personal finances, human nature, history, and philosophy. Every lesson will be useful, and one might change your life.

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The Sh*t They Never Taught You by Adam Ashton, Adam Jones

4.8/5 (3806 reviews)

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Overthinking can be plainly stressful. Tiny steps that can be taken to reduce overthinking and worrying.

Resolving Your Overthinking

When you find yourself overly worried about something, ask yourself 2 questions;

  1. What am I worrying about?
  2. What can be done about it


What Am I Worrying About?

  • By identifying exactly what you are worried about, it makes it easier to resolve the problem.
  • A very common problem amongst most people is that all they worry about is something they are worried about.



My life has been full of terrible misfortunes, most of which never happened.



After reading this piece, you will wonder why I didn't realize this before or why no one told me this soon? Happy reading!

Hero's Journey

Hero's Journey

In every story starting from mythology till today, Hero has to face some challenges to prove his worth. During the journey, hero gains knowledge and power 💪

Hero is a symbol of what is hidden within us all, just waiting to be uncovered.



The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek



Going Deep: Practice

Going Deep: Practice

If we apply the concept of bell curve to our life, most people are in the middle - their income, mindset, investment habits are similar to everyone in the middle region of the curve.

Only few people can push past the difference and make it to the very end - They are the outliers.

If you wish to be the outlier, then you must the put in the work, practice the skill and become the master.


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