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The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle Summary

About The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle Book

A "dreamlike and compelling” tour de force (Chicago Tribune)—an astonishingly imaginative detective story, an account of a disintegrating marriage, and an excavation of the buried secrets from Japan’s forgotten campaign in Manchuria during World War II.

In a Tokyo suburb, a young man named Toru Okada searches for his wife’s missing cat—and then for his wife as well—in a netherworld beneath the city’s placid surface. As these searches intersect, he encounters a bizarre group of allies and antagonists. Gripping, prophetic, and suffused with comedy and menace, this is one of Haruki Murakami’s most acclaimed and beloved novels.

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The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami

4.4/5 (2702 reviews)

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Human connection

Is it possible, finally, for one human being to achieve perfect understanding of another?

We can invest enormous time and energy in serious efforts to know another person, but in the end, how close are we able to come to that person's essence? We convince ourselves that we know the other person well, but do we really know anything important about anyone?


#lifesabtreading and sometimes it's about #rereading .

Book Love

Book Love

To me , Rereading a book is like wandering through a museum dedicated to my feelings . Where I can look at everything I felt when I was reading that book with wonder , but I can't quite really touch it . Do you feel me ?

The wind up bird chronicle is one such book that I will always cherish . Many more may come and go but this one is a part of me , a functioning organ.


Windup Bird Chronicle

"The better you were able to imagine what you wanted to imagine,the farther you could flee from reality."


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