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49 Project Management Processes

Project management is a complex and interdisciplinary field. To complete a project successfully, you must complete it on time, on budget and meeting the agreed quality level . To achieve this, you must use project management processes. There are different project management frameworks such as PMP, Prince2 , IPMA etc.

The most reputable project management framework is PMP (Project Management Professional) from PMI (Project Management Institute).

Here is the comprehensive list of 49 PMP Processes, and how they help to complete a project successfully and prep you for the test. 

Project Management Processes – Integration Management

Project integration is the basic role of project managers since it provides a tie between different knowledge areas. It’s the mean for the project manager to connect project components and tie them together.

As the PM integrates the work of others and integrates other Project Management Knowledge Areas into a unified effort towards project success.

It includes processes, activities, and tasks used to combine different project efforts into a unified directed effort towards project success.

PMP Process #1 – Develop Project Charter Process

Develop Project Charter process objective is to provide formalize the project existence . In addition to provide the project manager with an authorization document to have access to resources required for the project.

The process of Develop Project Charter is performed once at the earliest stage of project initiation to facilitate the work of the project manager.

The key deliverable of this process includes the project charter.

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