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Creating A Culture Of Learning

What you need to know in order to start building a culture of learning

The State Of The Workplace

The State Of The Workplace

Technological disruption, VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) conditions fueled by the ongoing pandemic, and evolving organizational architectures are just a few of the major challenges businesses face today. As a learning leader, your role is to equip your workforce with the capabilities needed to stay competitive amidst these changes.

Being transformation-ready doesn’t mean adopting the latest technology to keep up with current trends. It’s about developing a learning culture that positions the entire organization to adapt to the inevitable unknowns the future will bring.

Supporting Insightfulness

Supporting Insightfulness

Does the culture produce and support insightful workers?

There’s no guarantee that today’s knowledge will solve tomorrow’s problems or that skills will remain evergreen. But insightful employees can recognize when the nature of a problem shifts. They then use that comprehension to hone their skills and seek out fresh knowledge. 

These characteristics help workers face novel challenges, which allows the entire organization to transform as well. 

A Growth Mindset

A Growth Mindset

Does your culture extol growth mindsets?

Many useless hours a spent by employees hiding their weaknesses. A learning culture fosters growth mindsets. In this type of organization, learning is not seen as a sign of weakness but of character. Failure is not the antonym of success, but part of the growth process.

Broaden the definition of learning

Broaden the definition of learning

The rapid pace of technological and strategic change reveal the need for workers to engage in lifelong learning.

However, most executives and talent management professionals trying to get their people to learn aren't thinking about what drives real learning, meaning the creation of new knowledge, not just sharing existing knowledge that quickly becomes obsolete. This cause companies to miss opportunities for employees to engage in learning that will help them innovate and keep pace with customers' changing needs.

Motivation to develop new knowledge

Motivation to develop new knowledge

Simply having employees participate in upskilling programs is not sufficient. These training programs are primarily focused on sharing existing knowledge, whereas developing new knowledge requires greater effort and on-the-job risk-taking. Thus learners need to be more deeply motivated to explore.

But the motivation for learning is often based on fear - fear of losing your job if you don't.

The passion of the explorer

The passion of the explorer

Research found that passion is a very powerful motivator for learning rather than fear.

The passion of the explorer has three elements:

  • Explorers have a long-term commitment to excel in a specific domain that excites them.
  • They are excited even when they face unexpected challenges. They see these problems as opportunities to learn.
  • When faced with new challenges, explorers long to connect with others who can help them get better answers quickly.


“The road to success is paved with mistakes well handled.”



“We are all paid to solve problems. Make sure to pick fun people to solve problems with.”


A Sense of Belonging

A Sense of Belonging

Neuropsychological studies have shown that we are strongly wired to sense and value belonging.

There are 3 primary ways that members of a group send and receive belonging cues to each other.

  • Energy – Individuals are engaged with the group. They invest in the exchange that is occurring
  • Individualization – Each person is valued and his/her opinion listened to.
  • Future orientation – There is a sense that the relationship has a future.

Make your workplace a learning community

Make your workplace a learning community

People need space to learn, absorb, and take charge of their career and individual development. Providing this seeds a deeper sense of professional self-awareness, a better understanding of role responsibilities, and a basis for personalized goal-setting.

It’s impossible, though, to contemplate those big-picture dimensions of professional skills advancement and career evolution when your days are too busy. Creating an employee learning community designates space for a growth mindset.

Build hubs for networking

Build hubs for networking

In a remote environment, there are fewer opportunities to meet colleagues in person and to expand one’s network at conferences and industry events. '

One of the most fundamental ways to build these muscles is to practice. To foster this, give your team internal networking opportunities.

Think long-term on diversity

Think long-term on diversity

Leaders can only create a culture of belonging for their employees when they have a diverse leadership team.

Employees can’t thrive if they feel like they don’t belong. Employees need a comfortable climate, a network, and the knowledge that the leadership team is a destination for everyone. A company cannot feel like an exclusive club for only insiders.

The Forgetting Curve

The Forgetting Curve

The human brain doesn’t retain a lot in terms of memory, and 19th-century psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus’s forgetting curve shows just how rapidly new information is lost if we don’t have the opportunity to put it into practice quickly.

Just 12 percent of professionals use their newfound skills right away.

This means taking people out of work and putting them through a formal, structured class (where they might even be tested with the accompanying assumption they know what to do if they pass) and then putting them back in the workplace doesn’t actually influence the performance.

Too Much Information, Little Retention

Being expected to retain large volumes of information all in one go is like trying to drink from a firehose—sure, you absorb a little bit, but the majority washes over you without sinking in. 

Fortunately, though, there are employee education tactics to make knowledge “stickier” and avoid the forgetting curve.

Microlearning: Give Workers Access To Bite-Sized Learning

Microlearning: Give Workers Access To Bite-Sized Learning

Microlearning is also an effective way to improve uptake and engagement.

Eighty-five percent of all educational content is either forgotten or rendered useless within six weeks of learning it, which indicates that traditional training might not be the most effective way for people to learn.

The Three Big Ideas

  • Team coaching is a discipline distinct from consulting, team building, team leading and other roles. It is more complex, not least because it deals with the systems that influence teams and how those teams interact with them.
  • Highly effective coaching is both systemic and dialogic.
  • Line managers face challenges and conflicts of interest in becoming effective team coaches.

Defining Team Coaching

It means partnering with an entire team in an ongoing relationship, for the purpose of collectively raising awareness and building better connections in the team’s internal and external systems and enhancing the team’s capability to cope with current and future challenges.

Systemic Coaching

Systemic Coaching

Systemic coaching is ‘being aware of three worlds and how they interplay to produce outcomes’

  • The Face-to-Face World – interactions with the client, and their face-to-face interactions with other key people.
  • The Larger External World - client’s organization, their business, their customers, and their marketplace
  • The Deeper Internal World - how/what client leaders think and feel, their mental models/underlying assumptions, their deeper beliefs.

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