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We are a community of millions of passionate knowledge stashers.
Through our program, we are empowering top curators to make their mark.

The Deepstash Opportunity

Deepstash is committed to creating a community where leaders like you share ideas that boost careers, improve lives and promote leaders in their industries. We are one of the fastest growing platforms:


Over 2M Installs

4.7 App Score

30M Stashed Ideas

300k Ideas Read/Day

Creation through Curation

At the core of Deepstash are ideas - Lego bricks for your mind, extracted from existing content or representing original thoughts. Ideas are the building blocks of the vast Deepstash knowledge library. This is unique in a few ways:


In a world of infinite access to information, curation is key. It is a form of creation. To curate is about identifying the hidden gems and using your skills and passion to highlight the items that YOU find important.


While the focus on other networks is on originality, on Deepstash the focus in on structure. It takes special skill and knowledge in extracting the essence of an information and presenting it in a way that leads to better engagement, can be digested effectively and provides long lasting value over the years.


The best ideas in Deepstash are about a specific topic and industry i.e. marketing, leadership, strategy, startups, agile and many more. Practical, applied knowledge, curated by you and used by thousands of people to boost their careers and improve their lives.

The Programme

As an early adopter, you will dive headfirst into a pool of opportunities before others do that will allow you to hone your skills and find success on the platform. You will be able to establish credibility and build large, loyal audiences that could translate across all your social channels. As a special user you will work with the Deepstash team to produce meaningful content. Here is what’s in it for you:

Profile Sketch

A Special Place in the Community

Through a Verified Badge, your profile will shine and you will be among the few curators that take the spotlight in the app.

Early Access to Features

You may receive early access to upcoming product features and releases for beta testing. And you can shape the product alongside the founding team.


A Special Place in the Community

⦿ Through our algorithms we push your content to your target audience.

⦿ You will show up in our Featured section. Refreshed daily with top works, it's the most read section on our platform with over 100,000 read ideas per day.

⦿ The chance to get featured on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).


From time to time, Deepstash may provide the Curator with promotional merchandise. Hoodies, bags, mugs and more. Spread the love!


1 on 1 Support

Work with a dedicated Deepstash manager. She will guide you through the process & may provide you with the analytics pertaining to your account performance and answer any questions you may have about them.

How Does It Work?


After you sign up, an introductory call is scheduled to talk about the platform in detail, onboard you and answer any questions you may have.


A Deepstash Content Manager will be assigned to you to give the tools and resources to curate content in the best possible way.


Publish your work using the Deepstash app or Deepstash for the web. Tadaaaaa! That’s it!

❤️ Brainstash Inc.