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Showing Traction

The best way to overcome investors’ concerns with the challenges in your business is by demonstrating traction.

Entrepreneurs think angels and VCs are happy to support great ideas. In truth, they invest only in a small number of companies that have already proven that customers are excited enough about the product to pay real money for it.

If you have significant revenue, and if it is growing quickly, ensure to highlight it in your pitch. If not, try to find out how to get into revenue before raising.


The Fictional 5-Year Revenue Projection

For a pre-revenue company, a one-year revenue projection is a fiction. Demanding to see a 5-year revenue seems impossible. Yet it is vital.

When it's time for the Q&A session and the end of a pitch to an angel group, the slide that is on the screen is the revenue projections. This tells them everything there is to know.