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Emotions, Money, And What It Means To Be 'Financially Whole'

Emotions, Money, And What It Means To Be 'Financially Whole'

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Our relationship with money is emotional

Our relationship with money is emotional

Money is so much more than dollars and cents. Our relationship with money is emotional. Hopes and fears, guilt, and shame can all play a significant role in our financial life.

And those feelings can be tied to lots of things: our upbringing, our environment, and all the money messaging in the world and the media.

Changing bad money habits

  • You can't break something that you don't acknowledge and see. Ask yourself: what is the habit that I'm seeing in myself?
  • Explore where it came from. 
  • Practice in a safe environment.

Mindful spending

Before spending money on something, ask yourself: Do I need it? Do I love it? Do I like it? Do I want it?

  • Needs relate to: food, shelter, clothing, water. Things you must have to maintain your health and safety. 
  • Loves will continue to give you joy six months to a year from now. 
  • Lkes give you temporary joy, in under six months you might not remember. 
  • Wants are fleeting.

Take care of your health and safety and loves that give you lasting joy, and less money toward likes and wants. The more money you spend on likes and wants, the less money you have for needs and loves.

Financial wholeness

Financial wholeness happens when all aspects of your financial life (budgeting, savings, debt, credit, learning to earn, investing, insurance, net worth) are working congruently for your greatest good, your biggest benefit and your richest life.

It doesn't matter how much you make. Financial wholeness can be achieved by everyone. It is just a holistic view of what to do with my money and how to maximize and make the most of it.

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