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The Easter Celebration

Learn more about artsandculture with this collection

Different Easter traditions around the world

The significance of Easter eggs and bunnies in modern culture

The importance of the holiday in the Christian faith

The Easter Celebration

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Find out if the publisher environmentally conscious.

One quick way to determine if sustainability is on a publisher’s mind is to look at their website and see if they discuss any environmental policies. Many of the Big 5 publishing houses and their imprints are undertaking environmental commitments, such as Penguin Random House’s


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Use print on demand

If you want to make your book available in physical form, you can do a couple of things to mitigate the impact. As discussed earlier, big print runs are a major problem from an environmental standpoint. While indie authors are unlikely to print as many initial copies of a book as a traditional pu...


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Ask about limited print runs and print on demand services

One massive concern within the traditional publishing industry is the overproduction of certain titles, leading to waste. Large publishers have the budget to create high-volume initial print runs of their titles if they want to. Whilst this can be good for consumers as it makes it easier for read...


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Ways published authors can be environmental friendly.

Environmentally-minded authors should also factor sustainability into who they choose to work with. A company’s commitment to good environmental practices can definitely be borne in mind when you’re deciding who to work with, and how to work with them.


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Go Digital First

One solution to publishing’s paper problem is simple: ebooks. Making your book available on digital platforms such as Amazon’s KDP immediately cuts out the issue of paper creation and paper waste. Readers can have thousands of books at their fingertips without having to worry about how to dispose...


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The Impact of Print Books Publishing Industry.

Several big and small factors contribute to the ecological footprint of the book publishing industry, and it can feel overwhelming to look at on a large scale.

While the production of paper for book printing has significant environmental implications, several other factors ...


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Writing a book: look for an outside perspective

Writing can be really hard. When you're stuck, call up a friend with a different way of thinking, or talk to a friend who's writing a book to help you think through the issue in your book.

You can also reach out to other writers that can provide support. One way to find th...

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