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Public problem solvers

Public problem solvers

In these dark days, the world is full of profound and deepening problems. Some leaders realise the need to work differently to achieve their goals and impact the world.

Public problem-solvers possess a skill set that can be applied to any public problem for making measurable change. However, public problem solving is not yet a defined field. Some people use the term "social innovator" or "change agent."

Public problem solver traits

Public problem solvers are willing to innovate while holding fast to the values of the public interest. Yet, they are not reckless. 

They are conscious of the requirements of process and equity. They don't just comply with rules but act with ingenuity and integrity while focusing on solving the most urgent challenges. They also systematise a process that others can imitate and scale up.

Tools for solving public problems

  • Problem definition: Defining and resolving an urgent problem that matters to people.
  • Data-analytical thinking.
  • Human-centred design: Abandoning closed-door practices of the past, and establishing a partnership with affected people.
  • Collective intelligence: Adopting more participatory and democratic ways of working to build the collective intelligence of communities.
  • Rapid evidence review: New technology is used to find the best ideas and people.
  • Powerful partnerships: The know-how to build teams across multiple disciplines.
  • Measuring what works: Using experimental techniques and collaboration.

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