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AI in Cybersecurity

The data-driven world has created a data explosion in these recent years that is difficult for organisations to protect the sets from malicious hackers. The integration of Artificial Intelligence in cybersecurity has created more advanced and powerful defence against harmful cyberattacks like phishing, ransomware, virus and so on. AI can instantly detect any unusual activity in the existing systems and alert the employees as soon as possible. It is making it more difficult for hackers and frauds to enter any system.

Emotional AI

Emotional AI, is one of the most popular Artificial Intelligence trends in 2021because this technology can sense, learn and interact with multiple human emotions. It is also known as affective computing that enhances human-robot communication to a whole new level. Emotional AI can understand consumer behaviour through verbal as well as non-verbal signals. Hi-tech cameras and Chatbots can easily detect various types of human emotions by studying the reactions to certain contents, products and services.

Explainable AI

Explainable AI is a part of ethical AI that provides a complete explanation of how the Artificial Intelligence models and machine learning algorithms are working inside to generate the appropriate meaningful business insights and predict the future. Companies leveraging disruptive technologies are required to maintain transparency to stakeholders with a full explanation. But it is creating controversy because companies do not want to disclose all their steps and processes to the public for patent purposes in a cut-throat competitive market.

AI in Computer Vision

The integration of Artificial Intelligence, in Computer Vision, has transformed existing computer systems into smart computers with the following functionalities— analysing human posture and movements, tracking humans and vehicles for collecting data as well as for law enforcement officers, analysing videos with the help of hi-tech CCTVs, facial recognition of the needed person, detecting different levels of diseases as well as identifying objects for autonomous vehicles.

AI in Robotics

Robotics is taking over industries with its useful functionalities in every possible way around the world. There is a common presence of Artificial Intelligence in Robotics solutions that makes robots smarter and intelligent like never before. It is, indeed, a powerful combination to enhance customer service cost-effectively. Robots can perform successful surgeries, dance, protect employees from harmful environments and many more activities by leveraging Artificial Intelligence into RPA

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics enables all kinds of businesses to identify the trends of consumers for a better understanding of consumer behaviour in the current scenario. It predicts all potential responses from the target audience by employing personalised data that are collected for a long time. The advancement in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms are providing more accurate predictions and insights to maintain better customer engagement and gain higher ROI from the global market.


AI with AR and VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual reality are already providing immersive experiences to consumers as well as industries all around the world in these recent years. The combination of these three disruptive technologies- Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality has the potential to revolutionise the world with its amazing functionalities. 


Ethical AI

Some reputed companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and other tech giants are building ethical AI to follow an ethical framework with four essential principles for effective data governance— fairness, accountability, transparency well to explainability. This is currently the most popular Artificial Intelligence trend in 2021 for providing the inside look into its own system to stakeholders.

AI in IT

The IT sector has embraced the functionalities of Artificial Intelligence amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It is continuously revolutionising the IT sector and helping in boosting productivity efficiently. Artificial Intelligence is providing the utmost security to protect the confidential data from potential threats and data breaches, helping programmers in writing better code by overcoming software bugs, taking over the boring, tedious and repetitive back-end duties, identifying and predicting complex problems, assuring the quality of products and services and much more.

AI in IoT

Artificial Intelligence, has a tremendous scope in IoT (Internet of Things) with the help of 5G network. The implementation of Artificial Intelligence into IoT can help smart devices such as wearable devices, virtual assistance, refrigerators, etc. to analyse data and make smart decisions efficiently based on the collected data without any human intervention. It is used to optimise a system and enhance performance to meet the needs and wants of the target audience.

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