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Colin Dowling

People buy 4 things and 4 things only. Ever. Those 4 things are time, money, sex, and approval/peace of mind. If you try selling something other than those 4 things you will fail.


Aspirin, Vitamins & Friends

Another great advice from the same comment is: "People buy aspirin always. They buy vitamins only occassionally and at unpredictable times. Sell aspirin."

The painkiller versus aspirin kind of product discussion is vast, but in essence - build and sell pankillers, or aspirins. 

A Hacker News comment that became famous

Colin answered a Hacker News thread with 7 short advises about sales that were picked up by many, including James Clear's newlsetter. The one about the 4 things that people buy is something that resonated a lot. I'm sure it's not original, but through friends it's how I've heard it.

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