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How to Live Sustainably

Learn more about travel with this collection

How to make sustainable choices in everyday life

Identifying ways to reduce waste and conserve resources

Understanding the impact of human actions on the environment

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  1. Oils and vinegars: Walnut oil, avocado oil, roasted sesame oil, pumpkin-seed oil, olio santo (Italian chile-infused oil), rice vinegar, mirin (sweetened Japanese rice wine), verjus (the juice of sour fruit like green apples or grapes), raspberry vinegar, tarragon vinegar.


"You could own the best hotel in the world located on the best beach in California, but if customers are treated like inconveniences and requests go unfulfilled, they won’t return."


Top 5 Mistakes In Agile Transformations

Top 5 Mistakes In Agile Transformations

  1. Top down transformation - Start small. There is no agile framework to convert a sleeping elephant into a sprinting cheetah. Although big consultancy firms sell that dream to many enterprises.
  2. Inclusive culture - don't expect collaboration without this. Agility is a team sport.

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