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Tony Robbins Says Trying to Be Perfect Is ‘Insane’

Tony Robbins Says Trying to Be Perfect Is ‘Insane’

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2. Know your options

2. Know your options

Write down all of your options, including those that initially may sound far-fetched. Remember this principle:

One option is no choice.

Two options are a dilemma.

Three options are a choice. Write down ALL options whether you like them or not.

6. Resolve

6. Resolve

Based on the most probable consequences, select the option that provides the greatest certainty that you will meet your desired outcomes and needs. 

  1. Select your best option and strengthen your resolve to make it work. 
  2. Resolve that, no matter what happens, this option will give you a win. 
  3. Design your plan for implementation and then take massive action. 

Remember, it’s better to make a decision and monitor to see if you need to shift your approach than to remain paralyzed in indecision.

5. Mitigate the damage

5. Mitigate the damage

Review the downside consequences for each of your remaining options. Then, brainstorm alternative ways to eliminate or reduce those downsides.

4. Evaluate your options

4. Evaluate your options

Review each of their upsides and downsides (consequences). Ask yourself:

  1. What outcomes are affected?
  2. How important (on a scale of 0-10) is each upside/downside in terms of meeting your outcomes?
  3. What is the probability (0-100%) that the upside/downside will occur?
  4. What is the emotional benefit or consequence if this option were to actually happen?

After completing this stage, you will be able to eliminate some options from your list.

3. What are the consequences?

3. What are the consequences?

What are the upsides and downsides of each option? What do you gain by each option and what would it cost you?

1. Get clear on your outcomes

1. Get clear on your outcomes

What is the result you are after? Why do you want to achieve it? You must be clear about your outcome(s) and its (their) order of importance to you. Remember, reasons come first, answers come second.

Trying to Be Perfect Is ‘Insane’


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