Small UI detail can be different

  • Progress bar. Used when it’s possible to define the loading time. Progress bars can be implemented with a numerical or visual indication and comes at all shapes and forms. You can also find interesting progress bars made as looped animation with percentage indication:
  • Loading spinner or infinite loading animations Used when loading time is unknown. It can be default spinners, creative indeterminate indicators, animations showing that your app is “doing something” under the hood.
  • Skeleton screens. Skeleton screens provide incremental progress in loading the interface.


Everything you need to know about Loading Animations


Loading animations: 101

In a perfect world, loading animation should:

  • Be shown to the user as least as possible.
  • If you can make your tool or site work fast enough, that will be perfect. O
  • Give time estimation. It can be a simple message of approximate time to wait or visual representation of work done.
  • Explain why the user needs to wait.
  • Make the waiting process less frustrating.
  • Reduce a user’s perception of waiting time. It can be a catchy color combination, interesting or cute idea.
  • Emphasize branding and company voice. Make loading experience consistent with your brand voice.


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UX design is crucial to just about everything. It renders the latest technology accessible to the masses, makes our favourite apps and websites a pleasure to use, and determines which brands and products we return to over and over again. To put it simply, design matters.

UX designers can make a huge difference to the world in which we live — not only through designing great user experiences, but by spreading the word about the immense value of good design.

So what is UX design all about? Let our all-time favourite UX design quotes enlighten and inspire you!



15 Inspirational UX Design Quotes

This is the #1 thing to keep in mind when developing any product. But when the app is strictly about maximizing engagement — as games are — it’s absolutely critical. 

Before you set about building your app, develop a clear idea of who your target user is. It can be helpful to create personas about the types of people who will gravitate to your game. Additionally, you should perform market research into the wants, likes, and needs of your target audience, so you can build a product that responds to these interests and improve the user experience (UX).


9 Tips for Better Game Development - BairesDev

The spinning wheels, turning egg timers, and moving progress bars we regularly see on our screens when using our electronic devices are often deceptive.

They are generally there to give the impression that something is happening and that we are not waiting in vain.


Why progress bars can make you feel better