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Something Bad Happens You Don't Know Why?

Something Bad Happens You Don't Know Why?

Something bad happens to you. You don't know why, than you think it as karma principle that is


So the karma is not the principle it's idea. In upcoming points you will get know how it is a universal priciple or truth or whatever.

  1. Like if do bad , bad happens to you .. Oh okay so like to get kill you have to kill otherwise you don't die. To get a cancer you have do a same amount ...

Well this is not what i mean you have be accountable for your actions but all i am just saying is that bad happens to good and good to bad ones but nobody can tell why and how? So stop asking for answers that are not here or may be you already know and move on to do something good that gives you ...

  • Like a baby that is just born out but have no parents so think what had he done wrong to get that painful life. So if you say it's because of old life etc. Than stop i will talk about it later in other.
  • Well 8 years old girl got rapped in india. Why? An innocent 8 year old girl comes...

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"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."

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To be a man requires that you accept everything life has given to you, beginning with your name.