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<p><strong>3. You always play ...

3. You always play victim card.

you always share your problems to your friends so that they can realize that you are so weak and they can support you.

Your focus is only on your problems not on solutions.


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<p><strong>7 signs you are not...

7 signs you are not still mature.


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<p><strong>2. You spend lot of...

2. You spend lot of energy and money in fashion and show off.

you always want to show your expensive cloth and goods to other person .


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<p><strong>5.  You compare you...

5. You compare yourself with others.

you become sad by continuously comparing yourself with others.


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<p><strong>1. You are so react...

1. You are so reactive.

your emotions get easily changed.

You get frustrated at tiny things.

When situation is not according to you, you get annoyed.22


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<p><strong>6. You never deny a...

6. You never deny any requests.

for living a peaceful life , sometimes you have to say no to others for some work that are outside of your box.


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<p><strong>4. You always want ...

4. You always want to save you from the things that are against you.

sometimes you have to ignore some things against you, but you are always defensive.

Even when someone is kidding with you , you get serious and try to defend you .55


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<p><strong>7. You don't think ...

7. You don't think properly before taking a risk.

Some times you take risk in excitement and you get fail.

Again you quit from taking risk.

A mature person think twice before taking risk , if they fail they don't get nervous .

They again take a proper ri...


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As we know that problems are inevitable, trying to avoid them makes no sense. Complaining about them and playing the victim card is also not going to help you in any way.

So instead of being controlled by your problems, it is wiser to take responsibility and control them. W...

Try new hobbies

Finding new hobbies is not only exciting, but it can help us discover new solutions to the problems we're facing at work or home.

Allowing your mind time to play helps innovation that is not possible when focusing on a problem.

3. Focus on solutions

3. Focus on solutions

There will always be challenges. But focusing solely on a problem is a self-defeating practice. Instead, acknowledge that problems will arise, and when they do, focus on finding solutions as a strong leader. The more problems you overcome, the more confidence you'll build and the...

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