How To Lead The Convo

How To Lead The Convo

This does mean literally lead the convo and also do not lead the convo. Makes sense? No? Okay then.

Picture yourself and the girl you like, and imagine what you guys are talking. That’s it for the first step. Now you’ve set the frame of you guys. Think carefully with the messages or words you’re going to choose in order to get to the frame.

But what frame exactly? A romantic frame. In order to get to the romantic frame you’re thinking about you must know how to flirt. In this next stash you would see how to flirt with a girl without looking creepy.


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Changing Your Perspective/Mindset In Dating

So dude? How am I suppose to change my mindset?

Follow one of these mindset shift tips or you could follow all of them:

  1. The girl you like as “the one” is not actually your “the one” because this trait the girl you like is having, is also any other girls’ trait because if that’s your the one then she will like you back.
  2. If you think you’re awkward, they are too as well, so give your best shot.
  3. This is a game changer, it’s not your fault if the girl you like doesn’t like you back!
  4. Dating is like entrepreneurship, values like confidence matters!


Change Your Perspective/Mindset In Dating

Dating could be really scary and intimidating. I felt it too back then. I know I can’t convince you with bs advice such as “just be yourself” because dating, like any other business, is a game where you need to upgrade yourself in order to show yourself up.



How To Date

Have you tried to talk with someone or with the girl you like and you two are talking but you think the convo is not going anywhere. Don’t worry dude, we are going to change your game without changing who you are because that’s absurd.




A girl is a bonus in your amazing life, don’t fucking put her on a pedestal because that’s going to give her ego, and she will not respect you for it because you treated her like a diamond then she will find out that you don’t value yourself.

Remember the golden rule

At the end of the day, If she didn’t like you back that’s fucking awesome. You gave your best shot and she WILL respect you for that.

A really important takeaway lesson here is that you don’t need to please anyone in order to like you because that means that you don’t like yourself.

Love yourself first so that you can love anybody.



If She Doesn’t Reply To You That Doesn’t Mean She Hates You.

Have you wondered that you guys talking and then she gone and then you’re waiting and then a few hours later she replies back and you felt relieved.

That my friend is sorcery. You subconsciously likes her more than before because you thought that she flaked on you.

Anyway when a girl doesn’t text back, it’s either:

  1. She became busy that she forgot to remind you
  2. She got bored out of the convo
  3. Or in the very least probability to happen is that she got kidnapped or her phone died out 💀

What to do? Then don’t text her duh, and do your shit you supposed to do. If you acted like shit, she will hate u.



How To Flirt

Flirting is the fun part in dating tbh. Flirting is quite easy if you know how to deliver.

Remember: Delivery > Choice of words

Flirting has many different forms:

  1. It could good ol romantic flirting
  2. It could be teasing the girl the she likes you
  3. It could be teasing yourself that you like her
  4. Setting dominative pronouns like “We” is flirtatious because it means “You and I” subconsciously.
  5. me and you communication

If you delivered this perfectly, then there is no doubt that the girl will think about you, not like you, but think of you. If she thinks of you, many ideas of her will come to like you.



How To Text The Girl First

This is really no brainer, at first it is scary but actually it isn’t.

A good first message is to show flirtatious humor or if you are not ready for it then a basic humorous message will do. I don’t guarantee this to work 100% but in my case it does work because I know what delivery is fit in the situation. If the girl doesn’t respond like you hope to then fucking move on. Again have abundance.

If the girl responded back, then lead the convo to the frame you want it to be. I’ll give examples later on.


How To Showcase Confidence

In this idea, confidence can be show through everything.

“But dude how am I suppose to show it in text?”

Texting is kinda easier than dating in front of her. So follow this tips:

  1. Confidence must be built in abundance or having everything but this doesn’t mean you have to have everything. NO! Again it’s all in the mindset. If you think like you have everything then you don’t need to be scared to lose her right?
  2. Type properly. I know you don’t want to change yourself just for a girl, but if you want her to respect you then type properly.
  3. Use dominative pronouns like I and We.


Me You Communication

Me you communication is the foundation of this dating building. Without it, there is no sense in dating, is it? It’s a kind of flirting

Me and you communication is easy

Just put words like I, Me, You and We depending on the context. If you want to be subtle.

But if you are aggressive in flirting, bluntly use me and you in a sentence or any word that would like you and her in what language you have obviously.

”Hey me and you should go on a date”

It shows confidence and flirtatious vibe

Use emojis to deliver your flirts clearly.

Being clear with your intentions is better than going on circles ;)




Stay KING my friends ;)



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One thing you can do to avoid being offensive is to make a clear line between General and Specific statements.



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One who believes in himself has no need to convince others



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1. Divide and Ace

You have to divide your actionables into small achievable task and not come up with the complete month schedule for yourself.

While creating a month long or week long list- your hinder the change in routine or vibes that inhibit the essence of list.

2. Make your day Efficient

Idea of having a good efficient day is to break the monotony with to do list but when you create month plan, you automatically bring monotonous part back into our lives which you do not want and hence we are you always fall prey to procrastination



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