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Quiet Your Agenda

Quiet Your Agenda

Really listen to what someone else is trying to say.

We need information that is disconfirming, not confirming.


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Confirmation Bias

We have a tendency to confirm what we already believe.

Because of this, we only focus on finding confirming evidences, even though seeking evidences that will say otherwise is equally important.

This is dangerous for us, especially if what we believe is not a factual truth.

If w...

Step 1: Be clear in your vision

Step 1: Be clear in your vision

This requires vulnerability and courage.

Vulnerability: you really need to be honest with yourself about your dreams, your goals, and what you really want. And that does require you to be vulnerable.

Because if you think about your deepest desires, it can feel really scary or like it’...

Creating a safe space

Creating a safe space

Sometimes, what people really need is just the acceptance that comes with simply hearing them out and not making them wrong. 

The key to remember is that as soon as you judge someone else, you lose all ability to influence them. 

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