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3. Underestimating Yourself

3. Underestimating Yourself

If you always compare yourself with others and underestimate yourself you will never be happy. So try to avoid comparing yourself with anyone, you are only one in world no one can be like and you are best in you. Just try to upgrade yourself.


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Looking at things in relation to others

We are always looking at the things around us in relation to others. We always compare jobs with jobs, vacations with vacations, lovers with lovers, and wines with wines.

We not only tend to compare things with one another but also tend to focus on compari...

You’re Probably Not As Awesome As You Think

There’s always someone better looking, cooler, smarter, stronger, or you name it than you. Always.

That statement implies you’re comparing yourself to others. Just be yourself and don’t compare yourself to others.

The shortcomings of always comparing yourself to others

Individuals have always had the tendency to compare themselves to others. However, this can only have negative effects on our life: it deprives you of joy, it makes you lose precious time that could have been better used otherwise, it results in frustration and hate towards the one you are co...

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