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5 Things to avoid in order to be happy

5 Things to avoid in order to be happy


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5 Things to avoid in order to be happy

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1. Make Everyone Happy

If you tries to make everyone happy and do the things to make your all known happy, then immediately stop doing that. You do whatever but there will be someone who will not be happy from you and this makes you unhappy. Remember even content about God also have dislikes.


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2. More Expectation from others

If you expect more from the others then there will always be someone who break your trust and make you unhappy so don't expect much from others.


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3. Underestimating Yourself

If you always compare yourself with others and underestimate yourself you will never be happy. So try to avoid comparing yourself with anyone, you are only one in world no one can be like and you are best in you. Just try to upgrade yourself.


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4. Live In Past

If you think about past and not able to forget the past happenings you will never be able to live present to its fullest and will not be happy obvious.


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5. Over thinking

When you think more about anything you give stress to your mind and ultimately you will be unhappy. So avoid overthinking on anything.


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