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3. Try to do all your work then relax

3. Try to do all your work then relax

if you’re an anxious person who overthink every little possible crisis then the best option for you is to complete your work and then take a rest. Sometimes if fail to complete our work then we get anxious and distracted while doing other things (Obviously work-related). To eradicate this problem try to complete the work in your hand then shift for another one.



Concentration And Life

We all have gone through this situation, where we are doing some work but still, we’re distracted by other work. For me, it’s about online lectures and writing notes, and here my focus gets divided into two works. I try to focus on one thing at a time but the efforts are vain. this happens with us always. I’ve read many ideas, articles about how to concentrate on things but no one has written on unfocused concentration. So I overcome this (Still overcoming no promises) with some tricks.


1. Train your mind

Start training your conscious mind while doing work. If your brain starts to lose concentration on another equal amount of important work, then stop there, and remind yourself that right now this is also your priority and after finishing this you’ll jump on that work. The conscious reminder is handy. It is like a restrain on your brain.


2. Use only one device at a time

If you are working on a laptop then only use a laptop don’t go for your smartphone. Using both devices will create an absolute headache and it will confuse your mind. If you think that you need a smartphone for social media and messaging, then go for their web versions. Pin them on your browser so you won’t lose your important messages. 


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We are living in a world of distractions. Whether it is our Television, Smartphone notifications, or even our family members. Everyone tends to distract us for their unusual requests especially when we are at Deep Work.If you have noticed when you are working on something whether it’s writing, reading, or even playing video games for more than 30 mins, your concentration deeply attached to the game or the thing you are doing. 



We are constantly distracted throughout the day. Without focusing on anything with a calm, relaxed mind, we keep jumping from messages, to-do lists, social media, and email.
Constantly jumping and busy minds keep us stressed out and unfocused. This mind in this state can be termed as a 'Monkey Mind'.



  1. Ignore internal and external distractions (thoughts and sounds).
  2. Listen to the content of their speech and their specific wording
  3. Listen to the context of their speech. Keep in mind the circumstances and themes and how they relate what’s being said.
  4. Listen to the tone of their voice. It conveys the speaker’s feelings.
  5. Listen for the emotions the speaker is likely experiencing so they will feel understood.
  6. Pay attention to their body language and make appropriate eye contact.
  7. Provide small verbal encouragements and don't fight silences.
  8. Ask open-ended questions to encourage elaboration and further your understanding of the big picture.
  9. If you need them to slow down or want specific info, ask close-ended questions.
  10. Offer affirmations that the person has made valuable and important choices.