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Take a few moments to notice where you experience urges in your body. You can do this by taking some time to sit in a quiet place, and if you are comfortable doing so, closing your eyes, and just allowing your attention to go to the place(s) in your body where you tend to feel urges. For some people they notice that urges are most connected to sensations in their abdomens; for others, they notice urges in their mouth (e.g., their mouths water when experiencing an urge to drink). 


Urge Surfing

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Riding the Waves, Mindfully surfing through any urge

Changing habits can be challenging. Anyone who has attempted to change their eating habits, or quit smoking or drinking, or stop illicit drug use can probably tell us how challenging it can be to put a stop to these old habits. I myself find myself struggling at times with urges and was reading this helpful article provided by my professional coach. I figured that others here might also have similar struggles and I can share the skill with you all. The technique that I am going to share is called Urge Surfing, and you use it before you slip into having a relapse.


(if you notice that more than 1 area of your body is connected to an urge, start with the place that you most intensely notice the urge). Take note of the sensations you are having in this body part. What do the sensations feel like? Does it feel like pressure, tingling, warmth, or coolness? How much space do these sensations take up in this place in your body?


 Thanks to late psychologist Alan Marlatt, Ph.D., we have Urge Surfing. We can consider the urge to be an impulse to engage in an old habit. This old habit can be drinking or using, and often the urges are experienced as physical sensations in the body. These urges are like waves that rise in intensity, peak, and eventually crash. Urge surfing involves riding these waves.


Stop for a moment and think about an urge that you recently experienced.
As you think about this urge, see if you can notice all the sensations that come up as you think about it;
see if you notice how these sensations shift across time.
Use your breath to help you ride out the waves (i.e., the urge);
like a surfboard, you can simply observe your breath as you ride out each wave that arises.
Congratulations! You just successfully surfed your first urge!


You do not need to change your breathing at all. Notice your breath for the next 1-2 minutes. Some people find it helpful to bring their attention to a particular place in their body where they notice their breath (e.g., the abdomen); some find it helpful to say phrases like “breathe in,” “breathe out” as they inhale and exhale


Whats most important is that you notice where in your body you most notice urges when they show up.If you are having trouble noticing urges,think back to a time when you experienced an urge to engage in an old habit.If you are concerned that thinking about a particular instance when you had an urge will lead to doing the habit,pick a situation where the urge was less strong or you successfully prevented yourself from acting on the urge.Picture the situation as clearly as you can in your imagination.Once the situation is clear in your mind, notice where in your body you are experiencing urge.


There are different ways to surf your urges but most of them include the following steps. I will be sharing the information directly from the article


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So as you can see from the image we are using 2 variables, x and y. Like in the previous lessons explained about variables, x contains the string Hello World, what makes it a string is " " the use of these quotation marks. Next in y there is a integer value 10. Then i am adding them both together, but as you can see it has given a error when i tried to print it. This is because you cant use mathmatical operators when you have one string and one number, you can add string and string but this is for another lesson.

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