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No regret, live your best life

The only time you have is NOW. Harness it.

Always push forward. Lean forward, don't look back


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Finally, by the great Salvador Dali..

"Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings"

and by Andy Warhol:

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.


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Never give up

Modern schooling has made the term cliche, however it is proven. Nothing is impossible because everything we have possible now was once thought impossible.

You never know, one more failure and the final desired end result is behind it?

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways th...


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are you hard at working or hardly working?

one of the most important elements of success is introspection and being constantly working on your set goal. whenever you are doing something for some time, reanalyze your current situation and ask yourself am i getting closer or further from my goals?same thing applies for your thoughts...


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Just do it

“Asking “Why?” can lead to understanding. Asking “Why not?” can lead to breakthroughs.” - Daniel H. Pink

your going to die one day. you can either regret at the end or act upon what you want now. 

the more you do something, the easier it becomes, the more automatic it becomes. just li...


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Practice makes perfect: Perfect practice makes perfect

deep work. focus. not every work is treated equal. have no distractions and do whatever you're doing with yout 100%. deliberate practice is key


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Take the path of most resistance

“There is no failure except in no longer trying.” - Chris Bradford

Every second you're making a choice. It's a hidden choice to live your best life or live a life of mediocracy. 

The best life is doing things over short-term pleasure or just taking the path of more pleasure. However, ...


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"Babies are the wealthiest people on earth." - Jonathan Wilson

Your time is limited. Knowing that, you shouldn't care about what others think. - somewhat of what Steve Jobs said

Lao Tzu once said, 'care about what others think and you'll always be there prisoners'

cherish the moment, the past has already happened

'i dont have time to think ...


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"What we think, we become" - Buddha

the thoughts you think influences where your energy flows, that controls your feelings, which control what you do, which controls your results

change your thoughts and direct them to better places

The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the on...


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consistency over perfection: iterate

consistency over perfection: iterate

to break down a mountain, you have to start with the first rock. 

perfectionism is not a good metric of success. nor is intelligence. hard work is because it's consistent

A small step is always better than no step at all.

instead of seeking the situation to be perfect and you tr...


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Revisit past experiences

By returning back to a time and place where you felt less discouraged or unproductive, you can harness the positive energy you had back then to push yourself forward and accomplish even more.

Look at old pictures or listen to music that reminds you of better days and visualize yourse...

Do your best work

When we become complacent, we always look for the easy way out. That is when we fall for hacks and shortcuts that will set us back.

Don't settle for mediocre work. Do your best work so that you are proud of what you leave behind. Keep yourself to a high st...

III. Have no regrets

III. Have no regrets

"There's only one way we can say that the life we live is long: if it's enough."

"I look upon (my life) as though it could be my last."

Don't delay the things you want to do when you retire or when you think you will have the time to do it. Live immediately.

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