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Avoiding Apathy

Realizing that we cannot be totally perfect is important, but we must also be wary that we don't lower our expectations too far and fall into mediocrity. There is a balance to be struck between the pursuit of perfection and burnout prevention.


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Learn to blame love

When difficulties strike in relationships, we often fall prey to the idea that we are going out with a foolish human. The sadness must be someone’s fault: and we conclude that the blame has to lie with the partner. At an extreme, we exit the relationship far too early. 


Surround yourself with people who are grateful for life

Surround yourself with people who are grateful for life

  • Gratitude is an important virtue and flows from humility. “If souls are humble, they will be moved to give thanks,” St. Teresa of Ávila said.
  • We need to overcome the desire to be “Pinterest-perfect” or to believe that this type of perfection will bring us happiness!

Aim for progress not perfection

We tend to feel unconfident whenever we are given a huge project but we are unable to provide excellent results the first time around.

Try to be kinder to yourself during this time and remember that perfection cannot be achieved in one try, not every project is flawless. T...

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