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A quote from the book "Thrawn" by Timothy Zahn that really hit me in the feels, or I guess I should say the force

These are just some observations I've made during my (many) rewatches of The Office. Transferring departments at work recently has let me see different management styles and the office gives me a comedic lens to compare them.

Yesterday marked the 4-year anniversary of the death of Tim Bergling, more widely known as Avicii, a producer, songwriter and DJ and a pioneer in the Electronic Dance Music industry. These are some of my thoughts I posted on Instagram that day back in 2018, four years ago.

Ninjago is one of my favorite TV shows and LEGO themes, and Sensei Wu in particular has some incredible quotes.

I came up with that first quote a while back but I had trouble putting the concept behind it into words until now.

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