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Impact Investing

Impact Investing

A way of earning money whilst being a social activist, keep in mind every investment takes certain risks!




So called Ethical Insurance can make some impact too

Some Companys offer to give your spare change for the good, but the easiest method is to set a 1-Dollar Donation per Pay and Choice on a project of your like.

The First Social Media that donates money for every move you take on their platform

To start with an impact career is easier with those collection of insights

The large collection of suggestions from this service can build more envirnmental awareness and impact

Let them monitor your credit or debit card to receive tips on how to lower your co2 footprint

Answer Questions and learn something while giving free help

Those tools could form a "better" world:

Some sites over carbon offset or emission comparison for your flight

if you are in trouble or you know someone who is, no matter why- call one of those on the list

There are Companies donating for charity or earth when you shop items, without charging you expense.

Our need for wood is unbroken, this company makes sure there are allways some trees growing to cover that need. Side-effect: Carbon Offset. Buy a tree and get money when its harvested.

Make your website/hosting greener

The Impact of your hotels is checked for nature, culture and fairness on those companys. Also includes offers like planting a tree

Saving Money for some extra pension in late-life can be impactful too, with those providers

You have things that would go into the trash or you simple cant afford something and dont care if its used?

Filter Adventures by the impact you want to make or by country

Banks handle your money to get the most out of it. But some neobanks got focus on sustainable investments of your savings.

Sponsors of this project are allowing people to plant free trees or give charities money every day

Get Game Discount while donating

Made from Fishnets

Raise money for charity while tracking your steps

Some countrys or companys do have lotteries to cover social needs with parts of their income. if you are allready into "gambling" you could do a quick research (google is your friend) if theres one of them around you

Modern problems require modern solutions. Why dont you try to influence your government into better decisions with a petition? Some governments do have special portals to submit them, as well as there are widespread platforms to find people for your themes or be a supporter yourself

from the revenue of ads inside the (search) engine

Do you wonder what changed since your last visit?

Your donation isnt just a gift if you receive some discount or coupon for it. try it out.

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