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Limit Influence On Group Selection

To maximise the chances of finding the right people, team up with the Scrum Master and engage with line management and your sponsor.

A great technique to acquire the right people is self-selection: Clearly communicate the roles you need to fill and the skills people will require. Then let the individuals decide if they want to be on the team or not. 

To effectively lead people who you may find difficult or unlikeable, strengthen your capacity to empathise.

Do not accept inappropriate behaviour—clearly tell people in a kind, empathic way when their speech or actions are harmful.




While this approach ensures that leadership and decision-making are consistent, it makes the leadership work demanding—it requires a broad skillset and the ability to successfully navigate between the big picture and the product details. To overcome this challenge, recognise that a shared product...

Products are developed, provided, and enhanced by people, and effectively leading them is crucial to achieving product success. But leading stakeholders and development teams is hard: It requires product managers and product owners to overcome six leadership challenges that range from lacking tra...

Unlike a line manager, you usually don’t manage the development team and stakeholders as the person in charge of the product, and the individuals don’t report to you. You consequently don’t have any transactional power: You cannot tell people what to do; you cannot assign tasks to them; and you a...

Most digital products are developed using an agile development framework like Scrum or Kanban. While an agile process offers great benefits for product people—for example, the ability to validate UX design and features at a very early stage—it constraints how you can lead the development team. 

The development team and stakeholders are often more than nine people—the maximum number of individuals line managers are commonly recommended to lead. What’s more, the dev team is cross-functional and may include UX and UI designers, developers, and testers, alongside other roles. The stakeholde...

As the person in charge of the product, you should shape its vision; you should lead the effort to create, validate, and evolve an effective strategy; you should guide the development of an actionable product roadmap; and you should work with the development team on the product backlog to determi...

In order to build trust with the stakeholders and development team members, follow these tips:

To succeed in handling a large set of people, one must try to keep the stakeholders and the dev team stable. Also, one can increase the ability to deal with disagreements and learn to resolve conflicts.

While guiding people can be challenging on its own, you also have to actively contribute to getting the product out of the door. The latter includes carrying out product discovery and strategy work, updating the product roadmap, and prioritising the product backlog. You therefore play a dual role...

To be a successful leader and contributor, carefully manage your time and adopt a sustainable pace. Look after yourself and do not overcommit. Do not take on tasks that are not part of your role. Do one thing at a time and avoid multitasking. What’s more, do not de-prioritise your leadership work...

One must empower the development team. View the team as an equal partner, involve the members in product decisions, and encourage them to take ownership of the product details. At the same time, hold people accountable for the commitments they make. A team that is empowered to decide how much can...

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As product managers and product owners, we make a myriad of decisions — from shaping the product strategy and determining the product roadmap to deciding the detailed functionality of our products. But do we make all these decisions effectively? And do we always secure the necessary buy-in? This stash helps you make better decisions. It discusses five common decision rules and explains when to apply them.



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