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Centers of Progress

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Centers of Progress

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Keeping up with current events

  • Encourage engagement: Use social media as a virtual place for your fans to come together and share their thoughts. This will not only give your opinion relevance, but will also help you organically appear in the news feed.
  • Opportunity to prove your authority: Instead of simply repeating the news, tell people why they should care. Share your own thoughts and comments and establish your experience.
  • Shareable: If the content you are posting is timely, interesting, and relevant, your audience will be more inclined to share it.


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Share content at the right time

To increase your authority on the hottest social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, you need a solid posting strategy.

This starts and ends with the right times to share your content.

You do not want to post about your new data-packed case study if your audience is sleeping. ...


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Keep a consistent image

Your image is part of your brand and establishes your identity with the public.

In today’s world, we already know that image sells and is often the only thing to which many people give real attention.

Therefore, in all your social profiles, you must maintain a certain standard, a si...


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Collaborate and get involved with your audience

  • Instead of talking to your audience, you need to talk with them. Participate in their conversations and become active participants.
  • Do not invest all your time just in creating content, creating social media authority is directly linked to building relationships.
  • Listen to...


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Digital marketing

When it’s just you, you need to take a different approach to developing your brand through social media. Since more than 90% of customers rely on information from people they know when making a buying decision, building personal connections can be the most effective way to build trust and aut...


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Connect with other professionals

  • To build your influence and social media authority, you need to connect with other professionals with interests similar to yours.
  • Strange as it may seem to connect with potential competitors, know that relationships are everything in the online world.
  • When you begin to eng...


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Offer help to others

Give some of your time, your advice, and any other resources you have available to help you create connections.

When you start, make it a habit to contact at least one person every day with an offer of help.


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Give as much as you can

Developing a relationship, a connection with your audience, so that your followers feel they are seen and valued, greatly helps to increase your social media authority.

One way to do this is to get in touch with each follower, which can be done through direct messages that exist in virtual...


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Publish news

As a leader and authority in your area, you want to be at the forefront of everything that is happening.

Stay tuned for the news that appears about your segment and share it with your followers. The fresher the news, the better!

Do not be satisfied to just publish the content, build...


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Increasing your social media authority

Increasing your social media authority

Nowadays, companies and professionals often work tirelessly to increase their social media authority.

The goal is to attract more followers, get more clicks, more likes, and create a positive user experience so that they stay around enough to never want to leave.


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Create valuable content

If you want to build loyalty and win the trust of your audience, creating relevant and valuable content should be your number one focus.

This is the kind of content that meets the needs and pitfalls of your audience.

Whether it is an infographic, videos, ebook or blog post, everythi...


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