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Be Confident Of Who You Are

Be Confident Of Who You Are

We can’t control others but we can control ourselves. As hard as it is, we are the gatekeepers of what we let in into our lives.


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“There's no limit to what we can achieve as long as we set our minds to it. The most outstanding leaders in the world are those who know when to take charge and when to step back. We must learn to lead ourselves and influence our lives positively. It's what it takes.”

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We like to think that we are in control of our lives, but we continue to let our emotions ride a roller coaster, depending on what happens with us. If something bad happens, we have to be sad. If something good happens soon after, we're excited.

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6. Know who the real judge is.

We too often limit our lives by worrying about what others think of us: Whether they will criticise us or talk about us behind our backs. Which is weird because people will do that anyway, even if we do nothing much with our lives. But the sad thing is worrying about the opinions of others stops ...

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