2. Collection of Data - Deepstash
2. Collection of Data

2. Collection of Data

ML Models are only as accurate as the data fed to them.

Important to identify the right set & format of data to ensure accuracy & relevance of the model.

Ask relevant questions:

  • Data required to solve the problem. Eg. Customer data, Inventory
  • Quantity of the data we have, and required
  • Collection & Storage Mechanism
  • Training Methods & Data Pipelines

Common formats of data are

  1. Structured - fixed rows & columns. Eg. Inventory, sales
  2. Unstructured - like variable texts, images, videos
  3. Static - historical - sales & call history
  4. Streaming - continuous, real time - web site traffic


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Ask questions, such as.

  • What data is needed to solve the business problem?
  • What quantity of data is required?
  • Do you have enough data to build a model?
  • Do you need more data to extend the existing data?
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