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1. Why Am I doing this?

Have you ever found yourself working so hard on something without knowing exactly why?

5. What could I be doing instead?

Am I prioritizing effectively? Am I doing what’s best for me from all points of view? Or at least from all the views that I can see at the moment?


You can’t get that time back and the worst thing you can do now is waste even more time.

"The first principle is that you must not fool yourself because you’re the easiest person to fool.”


Quitting is actually productive

There is value in changing your mind.

4. Is there an easier way?

Whenever you’re working on something, ask yourself this: “Is there an easier way to do this?”

3. Is it really worth it?

Is what I’m doing really worth it?

Is all this sweat and blood worth the end result? Is it worth the sacrifice or is there a chance I might be hurting myself ultimately?

2. Is it working for me?

Am I solving a problem by doing what I’m doing? Is what I’m doing helping me? Is it working for me?

The reason

Sometimes giving up can be the best thing you can ever do for yourself — sometimes quitting is exactly what you should do.

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