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Spin a Yarn

Spin a Yarn

Things can get more interesting since the strings are infinitely more complex to play with at the beginning. The program initially prompts the user to enter a series of inputs. These inputs can range from being an adjective, a preposition, a proper noun, and others. Once all the inputs are in place, they are placed in a premade story template using concatenation. After everything is done, the full story is printed out to read for the end-users.


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I think therefore I am.

The increased usage of social media by big tech and IT organisations has accelerated the use of Python programming language, which can handle large amounts of data effortlessly. Furthermore, the rise of big data and machine learning has hastened the development of an all-purpose programming language. As a result of the increased use of Python, more tech hopefuls are opting for a developer or coding job.

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