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Enhancing your memory

Learning to use your memory in a more disciplined yet creative manner helps you learn to focus your attention.

  • One of the best things you can do to remember and understand concepts in math and science is to create a metaphor or analogy for them.
  • Use spaced repetition to help lodge ideas in memory.
  • Create meaningful groups that simplify the material you are trying to remember.
  • If you are memorizing something commonly used, search online to see if someone has already come up with a particularly memorable memory trick.
  • Beware of mistaking a memory trick for actual knowledge.


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After reading

  • Create an outline of the text from memory
  • Discuss the material with a friend or classmate.
  • Write down everything you remember from the reading in 5 minutes.
  • Identify the important concepts from the reading and provide examples and non-examples of each concept.

What is a Chunk?

What is a Chunk?

= pieces of information bound together through meaning/ use

The new logical whole makes the chunk easier to remember & also makes easier to fit it into the “larger picture”.

Just memorizing a fact without understanding is not enough, ...

How to study 📚🦋💻📑

Get organized

  1. Carry a homework planner at all times. Entering homework, projects, tests and assignments as soon as they are assigned will make sure they aren’t forgotten about.

Pay attention in class

  1. It’s important to concentrate and avoid distractions when t...

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