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Past Moments Are Gone Forever. Mindfulness

Past Moments Are Gone Forever. Mindfulness

Most People live in either :

  • Regret of their Past : Nostalgia.
  • Hopes for their Future : Expectations.

Past moments can never be retrieved. We have no Power on either Past nor Future.

The only Moment we can control is the Present Moment. This instant. Be conscious & mindful ; it's already gone.

Concept of Mindfulness : Our instant emotions in the present moment are the only true thing we can control.


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Money ~ Time ~ Energy



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We should be Free to Choose Where to Invest Our Time ~ Energy

We should be Free to Choose Where to Invest Our Time ~ Energy

Each of us invest this limited Time ~ Energy Capital in various universe. Here are some examples of these investments :

  • Work
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Children
  • Meals
  • Sleep
  • Meditation
  • Art, Creation
  • Exercise
  • Learning
  • Da...


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Our Daily Time and Energy are Limited

Our Daily Time and Energy are Limited

Each Day Grants us a limited amount of Time Capital : 24h. Or 86.400 seconds.

Similarly our daily Energy is limited : a few thousands calories every morning. Collected through our nutrition and our relationships.


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How Can Money Be Time & Energy

How Can Money Be Time & Energy

An Employee working on a Job invests his Time & Energy in a Company.

Similarly an entrepreneur invests his Time & Energy in a Project or Enterprise (synonymous in latin languages).

In Reward for this investment, the Employee is granted Money.

Therefore Money is a convers...


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The BrainHacking Curator. Data Analyst, Winemaker & Passeur d'Orient. I'm fascinated in Asian & Chinese civilizations in general. Curating Insightful BrainHacks On #china #programming #wine #spirituality #dance

This Powerful Equation helped me reprogram my personal relationship towards Money.

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