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Put career growth front and center in the interview

Put career growth front and center in the interview

  • Ask about the one, three, and five-year future of the company.
  • Probe their goals and what they're striving for. Do they talk about strategy and values, or are they executing as well?
  • Where do they see their revenue growth coming from next year?
  • Do they see the company going public?
  • Ask about the career path for the role you're interviewing for.


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Tips for companies: How to craft a company culture that attracts and retains top talent

  • Lead with authenticity. Refrain from startup cliches. "We’re the next big startup. We’re the next unicorn.” Instead, state what makes your company original.
  • Career development often falls to the bottom for startups. However, you have to lay the foundation for...


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Career growth is inherently multi-player

Career growth is inherently multi-player

It is vital to take ownership of your own career, but other factors can make the path smoother, such as managers who nurture instead of stifling your goals and finding a company with growth potential.

Many employees become myopic about the day-to-day responsibilities in their careers. How...


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Questions for candidates to ask in an interview

Questions for candidates to ask in an interview

  • What initiatives were rolled out that changed the course of the product or the GTM strategy?
  • What’s the most common reason people leave here and what’s the company doing to rectify it? 
  • What are the most common reasons to promote people here?
  • How would you break down ...


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When assessing a company, look for these mile markers

When evaluating whether a startup has a promising trajectory:

  • Pay attention to the investment cycle - who has invested, how much, who's leading the round, who's leading another round?
  • Keep an eye out for movement in the C-Suite.


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Career growth: Tips for candidates

How to evaluate if a company will foster career growth:

  • Take the time to consider your career motivations. It will help if you focus on more than a new title or a salary increase.
  • If you look at a five or ten-year horizon, but your visi...


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Tips for hiring managers: How to find candidates with big ambitions

Tips for hiring managers: How to find candidates with big ambitions

Hiring managers may mistakenly see job-hopping as a red flag. It could be that they job-hop because their role and career are growing rather than a lack of focus.

  • However, be wary of people who are defensive when you question them about their changing jobs.
  • See it as a red fla...


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Questions for managers to ask in an interview

  • Tell me about a time when you achieved success entirely on your own?
  • What are you working on getting better at? Tell me about a time you’ve failed. 
  • What motivates you?
  • We love professionals who want to grow into their niche, and we also value those who want to climb ...


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How to grow your career by aligning the company needs with your aspirations

  • Don't limit yourself to roles that have already been created. Instead, see where your own skills sets, passions and goals overlap with opportunities.
  • Keep in mind that the greatest opportunities for growth are at the intersection of the needs of the ...


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How to retain your top talent

How to retain your top talent

  • Set the tone. Career growth is the report’s responsibility, not the manager’s. Let your hire know to take control of their own desk.
  • Keep them challenged. Find out what motivates them and explain that uplevel doesn't always include promotion. It mean...


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Mental health is health. Meditation nerd.

How to grow your career for years to come

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  • Current job or role: This is what you are doing right now.
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Answers To Common Interview Questions

Answers To Common Interview Questions

  1. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself? Don’t tell your life story; answer clearly and concisely. Focus on professional accomplishments.
  2. Why should we hire you over the other applicants? Say, “I don’t know the skill of others, but I do my own,” then highlight your strengths and ...

Take the lead of your performance review

  • Be sure to know what's expected of you. It’s really difficult to improve within your role when expectations have not been properly communicated to you. 
  • Ask for feedback. If your company doesn’t have a formal, regular feedback process in place, seek ...

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