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Why You Should Keep Going

Why You Should Keep Going

2 yrs ago I wanted to go digital.

Got cheated 5 digits because I signed on too early before COVID happened, from a mentor bullshit coaching program who didn't deliver.

However this didn't stop me from learning more. When COVID happened, I pushed myself harder.. it was super tough.

And then suddenly EVERYTHING CLICKED into place!

Now when I looked back, the dots are connected finally!

I am in digital business and expanding. Which also means I'm going to try and get uncomfortable AGAIN!

BUILDING my NFT business from with my team.


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Surf The Change

Surf The Change

According to Gary Vee, do your research and understand it quickly- for it may just be your change

Innovation is when you put in the 30/50/100hrs of HOMEWORK and start taking control

RIGHT NOW is the time to be building your personal brand digitally

The meta, blockchain is comi...


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Make Business Personal

Make Business Personal

You want your work to improve the quality of life; to foster creativity, strengthen relationships and forge new communities to inspire people to make business more personal.

Join our community as we all learn to be more mindful and more valuable.


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Moving Upwards Into NFTS... Say What?! (Part 1)

Moving Upwards Into NFTS... Say What?! (Part 1)

What NFTS really mean for future businesses

The number 1 reason why a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) will be embraced very quickly and soon in the near future.

Thousands of years ago we humans live a nomad life

As we became more modern and settled people become ric...


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Moving Upwards Into NFTS... Say What?! (Part 2)

Getting stuck in the 9-5 rat race, with no possibility or room for maneuver creates a PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAP in our heads

As the rat race gets more intense, and you know it is;

This sense of mental trap deeply disturbs us.

But yet we perceive that we have no choice but to conform


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Small Deaths Create Breakthroughs

Small Deaths Create Breakthroughs

What innovation actually means

To intentionally kill off something. (That's probably working well or not.)

Transcend higher or improve better

- From a human POV, we all have a finite shelf life.

Before mortality comes, we will face decisions, grief or loss that will kill u...


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Why Are Tribes Crucial For Your Brand?

Why Are Tribes Crucial For Your Brand?

If you haven't been top of the market, maybe this will help.

The new norm is slowly making the value of money smaller and smaller.

ONE of the new currencies of value are now:

1) Your Community

Hint: Think Network Effect

And this is why I summoned massive courage to ...


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What Exactly Is 'Your Brand'?

What Exactly Is 'Your Brand'?

Your brand is and should communicate the right messages in a unique and engaging way

⭕It is Visual

⭕It is Verbal

⭕It is Auditory

⭕It is Conversational


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It Takes A Village To Grow A Baby

It Takes A Village To Grow A Baby

Have you wondered why this quote came about?

In marketing and sales, it's exhausting to do everything yourself.

Your business is like your baby.

Won't it be a bliss to have extra help to raise your baby into the success you know her to be?

Being lean is NOT getting stuck....


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Permission To Come In

Permission To Come In

As someone in business

You want to sell. As high as possible or the more the merrier.

But then you're not consistently or didn't bother making the effort to connect and gain the rightful permission.

Yea ads may work. But ask yourself how many unread emails stay in your spam inbo...


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I help entrepreneurs beat stagnation & stand out with a strong personal brand. Communications + Customized Brand Attraction program. I'm the liaison between biz & mind of the audience. Profit, scale, create assets (NFTs), become one & own it.

Bite sized reminders help to bring our awareness to the surface and so we can, and will make better choices

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