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Step 2: Discern the Priorities

Step 2: Discern the Priorities

The second step is to have priorities to what you consume. This is to be conscious of what you really want to consume, and not just because it’s there. It’s very tempting to let the YouTube recommended videos or autoplay decide for you what to watch next. But if what’s there is not the priority of what you want to consume, don’t do it.


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Ambulance driver

You will always miss out on social media. Relax.

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Thinking about your goals gets you started, but it’s also important to think about priorities. Try this experiment: go back to the goals you wrote and see if you can rank each goal as a:

  • Top priority
  • Middle priority
  • Lowest priority

Priorities always involve ...


  • Think of your priorities in terms of concentric circles, like an archery target. In the center is your highest priority: you. 
  • The next ring—and your second-biggest priority—is economics. That includes your job, your investments, and even your house. If you don’t get...

Keep Your Priorities In Sight

Focus on a single "priority," not on multiple "priorities." The key to living an essential life is understanding what your priority is. Is it your family? Your career? Your hobby?

You will know your real priority once you know what you want out of life.

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