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5. To have stability in life you need a stable goal.

To be consistent you need to consistently work for something.

You cannot float around doing bits and hope for rigidity.

This will fail. Have a goal and consistently work towards it.


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1. Everything you are hoping to achieve, you can have.

Provided you get started today.

Tomorrow will never come.

Start right now. Learn as you go, you will never be ready.

Baby steps.


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Everybody Does

Anybody who is judging you is desperately trying to keep his flaws from peeking out from the shadows.

This does not mean you don't judge people.

Evaluate based on what they bring to the table.


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3. Do not reject materialism.

Cars and mansions are not the problem.

Its how much value you assign to them.

You can live in an estate and still have the mindset of a monk.

Do not be attached to them.

They are fleeting pleasures. Instead seek experiences that enrich you.


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2. Live with honour.

Do not let an unfortunate experience tarnish your character.

To do injustice is to degrade yourself.

Avoid it.


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Golden Words By Our Elde

Don't compare

We can't evaluate a Bird capacity by her swiming talent

Everybody has different natural traits


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