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Self discipline is key to have a successful and healthy lifestyle but most of us having a lot excuse instead of working on something lacking of something lead to having nothing in your hands .

Buddha Born in this world to give a sight of life without suffering from attachments and giving a different purposes to us. In this thread i am sharing Buddha's great quotes that's helpful in our daily life as a guide Book to live a wonderful time

Confidence like a gift Confidence is like “Show up in every single moment like you’re meant to be there.”

Some rules writeen some rules implied so Remember theses Threads before going somewhere yes we belong to a community who needs to prepare a lot before being social 🥺

Cardinal rules apply on everyone but we think we are in some way unique so don't lie to yourself just be a good person instead of something you are not

Arihant Bhutoria


Maybe you are not an introvert but maybe you just need better people...❤️ 😇 I love when guys you stashing my idea but please at least follow if u love ideas 🙃


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